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„Kde laserové technologie a jejich vývoj mají svůj domov”

Cladding and Welding


- Depositing additional material on the base material in the form of wire or powder
- The benefits of laser welding is minimal thermal influence of the base material
- Can be welded on small and hard to reach places
- High productivity
- An appropriate choice of filler material can reach up to a hardness of 60 HRC
- Excellent beam quality with sizes ranging from 0.05 mm welded enable even very small places and parts


- Joining of materials permanently a whole
- The advantages of laser welding minimum heat impact welding material with a high strength welded joint
- High process stability of laser welding
- High productivity
- Laser welding can be also difficult to weld materials
- Excellent beam quality with a size of 0.05 mm makes it possible to weld very small places and parts
- The possibility of monitoring and evaluating the quality of the weld during welding, which prevents the production of defective pieces

Fabrications and welding can be different kinds of materials in relation to their use and implementation. For more information contact us.


• toolmaking
• plastic molding
• automotive and aerospace industries
• electrical industry
• restorers
• army industry
• goldsmith and jewelery
• Medical Technology
• engineering

Examples of cladding applications:

Examples of welding applications:




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