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About us


2006 - Founded by LCV Praha, as company working on the development and manufacture of laser machines for marking and
           engraving. From its very beginning has been strengthened in the market and all using their own resources and design
         - From the beginning, the company cooperates with universities and the Academy of Sciences.
2008 - The company produced a specially designed machine for laser drilling, according to production specifications and progressive
           methodologies principal.
2009 - The company has expanded to include a new division - Laser welding and weld using wire or powder.
2010 - A new division sawing and drilling. The company obtains contract to develop and manufacture a machine designed for cutting
           sprues of plastic parts.
2012 - Prague LCV delivers one of the most precise laser machines for precision cutting. This machine is used for the watchmaker
           and goldsmith industry.
2013 - Begins the cooperation with ABB, which the company says LCV Prague robots and positioners. This step machines become
           interesting for the automotive and aerospace industry, which immediately begins to deliver.
2015 - There expanding trade and production department. For this reason the company moved to new premises in Prague 9.
         - At a stabilization in Division sawing and drilling, which occupies much scope in the market.
         - Based on long-term cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague charge lending the company LCV Praha laser
           machine for the purpose of teaching and research.
2016 - Since the beginning of the year, the company supplies the market in all three divisions - marking and engraving, welding and
           welding, cutting and drilling - mass-produced machines that complement the already functioning production machines on order.


The company is currently working on obtaining ISO certification and TUV.

The company plans to open its fourth division laser technology. During 2016, has already proposed a plan to build a prototype that will be subjected to stress tests . Based on the results of the new machine will be presented and put on the market .


Cooperation with HSG

We would like to inform you about a great event which is the start of cooperation with Hydraulic Systems …