Specialista v oboru laserových technologií

„Kde laserové technologie a jejich vývoj mají svůj domov”

Laser hardening

We supply laser workstation for hardening position of the customer to meet their needs and requirements. With its own structural separation we are able to propose solutions to any structural work.

• Automated XYZ work hardening                                                   • Automated robotic workstation for hardening the screws up to 6 meters
   cutting tools

Laser hardening:

Hardening using laser beam is one of modern and efficient processes. Tempering is a heat treatment of the material, during which the change in the structure of the processed material. Heating to a temperature just below the melting point, about 900 F and 1400 ° C, the austenitization and cooling when the structure varies in the fine-grained martensite, thereby increasing hardness and resistance component, which extends their service life.

Advantages of laser hardening:
     • local influence of the material at precisely defined locations
     • surface hardening to a depth of 2 mm
     • due to local heating there is minimal heat distortion
     • this allows process monitoring using a thermal camera or a pyrometer, which guarantees the quality and stability
     • optics can be used to adjust track hardening from 0.5 to 65 mm
     • Suitable for small and large series production
     • High productivity
     • Energy efficiency with regard to ecodesign

Laserhardening is suitable for vybranné construction and tool steel, gray cast iron, cast iron with lamellar graphite and kuičkovým.

Laser hardening allows blurring the complex-shaped components, for example, turbine blades, threads motion blockhouse, molds, pressing, cutting and machining tools, gear, etc. beach.



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