Specialista v oboru laserových technologií

„Kde laserové technologie a jejich vývoj mají svůj domov”


Machine LGP-C is a popular version for those who seek a combination of machines equipped with basic mechanical functions at attractive prices.
These machines can be supplied in colors of blue, red and white.


When working with this machine requires increased security. The need to wear protective gear such as goggles.

Machine equipment:

 - Fiber laser according to the desired performance
 - Beam expander output beam with 9 mm
 - Scan head with lens f = 160mm (marking field 100x100mm)
 - Construction of a mechanical Z-axis for approaching into focus
 - Special pointer for accurate hitting a focal length
- PC with monitor and Windows
- Software for controlling the laser marking in Czech language

- Sample design of protective glasses (available from your local LCV sales representative)