Specialista v oboru laserových technologií

„Kde laserové technologie a jejich vývoj mají svůj domov”

Marking and graving


- Description of the subject surface that occurs by evaporation of the material at the impact point of the laser beam


- Marking of more in-depth material generated by repeating the cycle marking
Mark and engrave can be almost any material in relation to the type of laser utilized

Types of laser:

• CO2 - active medium is a mixture of gases
• Fiber ( fiber) - active medium is fiber
The fiber laser is currently the most economical type of laser upon the ratio of performance and power consumption. Compared to CO2 type of enforcement is up 50 %, while CO2 laser that is only 15 %. Therefore, the fiber laser is currently the only one that can operate on commonly available 230V.
The indisputable advantage of fiber laser is also a fact -maintenance needs. In contrast, the CO2 laser types require maintenance such as the form of care mirrors, exchange tube in which gas is consumed.


• Description of molds, punches , tools , etc .
• Description of the cutting tools ( for example engraving chip breaker at the cutting inserts of cutting tools ).
• Each production company for product description , production labels , etc.
• Description of parts in the electronics industry.
• Description of the parts in the automotive and aerospace industries.
• Description of parts in the armaments industry.
• Labeling and textile division.
• Advertising and promotional materials.
• The packing materials.


Samples of marking and engraving:




3D marking and engraving:


Special glass marking:



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