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Tera - OEM

OEM version of TERA laser is designed as a module for system integration, production lines or manual work.
The module is suitable for machine builders and integrators who want to integrate lasers into their system, or on its own machinery.
External control systems can communicate with OEM module via an analog or digital interface, or you can modify our software according to your requirements


Machine equipment:

- main switch
- Emergency stop (emergency stop)
- Low voltage power supply (24 VDC)
- Interface for monitoring hardware
- Driver to adjust the energy, pulse width and frequency
- Footswitch
- Laser cooling: air

- Protection of kickback laser beam
- Safety glass to protect your eyes
- Manual change tracks the laser beam (beam expander)
- Leica microscope with 10x magnification
- Focusing lens 100 mm (possibility of other focal distances)

Dimensions and weight:
- The dimensions are: X / Y / Z = 520/760/660 mm
- The weight of the stand is 150 kg