Specialista v oboru laserových technologií

„Kde laserové technologie a jejich vývoj mají svůj domov”


Our major trading partners:

As Laser Welding s.r.o.
BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o.
ČVUT Fakulta strojní
German Motor Parts CZ s.r.o.
HECKL s.r.o.
LORETA - nástrojárna s.r.o.
Moravská nástrojárna a.s
Perun Arms s.r.o.
PEVEKO, spol s.r.o.
SANNEX s.r.o.
ServisLaser s.r.o.
Šlechta s.r.o.
TRCZ s.r.o.
WAVIN Ekoplastik s.r.o.

Atlas Copco s.r.o.
EKO-ŠIMKO s.r.o.
Sigma Laser GmbH

Laser for drilling:

Laser drilling CrNi disk glass fibers . 0.58 mm diameter holes while maintaining the cylindrical form throughout the thickness of 5mm. The number of holes 720 around the perimeter of the 22 rows, i.e. a total of 15,840 holes.


Laser for marking and engraving:

Laser for marking and engraving with 3axis and electronically driven rotary device.


Cooperation with HSG

We would like to inform you about a great event which is the start of cooperation with Hydraulic Systems …