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„Kde laserové technologie a jejich vývoj mají svůj domov”

Tera - Mobile

Laser TERA - Mobile is a device that allows you to perform cladding, welding or repair work on small and mainly dimensionally larger parts, molds and tools (up to several ton).
Swivel and telescopic arm allows for surfacing and repairs to any location complex shapes and dimensions of large molds and tools.
The laser TERA - Mobile can deliver a rotary table unit for welding and surfacing of rotary and small parts.


Machine equipment:

- main switch
- Emergency stop (emergency stop)
- Low voltage power supply (24 VDC)
- Interface for monitoring hardware
- Driver to adjust the energy, pulse width and frequency
- Footswitch
- Laser cooling: air

- Protection of kickback laser beam
- Safety glass to protect your eyes
- Manual change tracks the laser beam (beam expander)
- Leica with a 10 x magnification
- Focusing lens 100 mm (possibility of other focal distances)

- Easy control and setting laser parameters via 10 "touch-screen
- Control of feeds one-hand joystick
- The possibility of programming paths using G-codes

- Z axis for approaching the focal point, range 500 mm
- Motor-driven XY table with a 500 x 300 mm
- Retractable arm for fusion welding head into the mold, the possibility of ejection of 650 mm
- Control of feeds via joystick
- Supply of protective gas via a solenoid valve

Dimensions and weight:
- The dimensions are: X / Y / Z = 550/1250/1960 mm
- The weight of the stand is 350 kg